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So you’re ready to start a business…

Although the Master Class has been primarily designed for those interested parties who have started their own businesses, and wish to discover some of the invaluable resources available. With tools that can be implemented easily, to enhance the stability of their business.

It also holds information geared towards jump-starting a home or small business. As well as components for implementing community groups and faith associations with community invested interests.

The Online Home Business

There are as many concepts and ideas for businesses as there are stars in the sky. Many of these ideas are in the process of being implemented everyday. For much less than you’d think. With the instability of the job market teetering, and Wall Street seemingly a virtual balancing act, many people are opting to start their own business. Investing in ‘self’. So why aren’t YOU in business today?

Topics covered:

  • The pros and cons of website businesses.
  • On-line stores.
  • Internet radio/TV/YouTube
  • Workshops/Blogs/Clinics


SOCIAL PLATFORMS / Website  & Social Networking

The “Connectivity Factor”  Learning the importance of social networking for business visibility and marketing.

SEO – Search Me! Are you getting noticed? One button connectivity… Paypal Is My Pal! – (the portable charger)

When & Where To Widget

The Business Extender+

A business development tool to assist entrepreneurs in their NEXT STEP business development.
The BE+ Master Class can help you determine if you qualify as a “small business” under SBA size standards to register your business for government contracts. (NAICS) .
Qualifying as “small” may allow your business to take advantage of valuable government contracting opportunities reserved for small businesses. This class will provide the necessary links to get your business in the right lane to be registered and ready to do business.

To be eligible as a small business concern, your business must satisfy the SBA’s size standard for your industry, be operated for profit, be independently owned and operated, and be based in the U.S., making significant contributions to the U.S. economy. Useful in the branding, marketing, and business viability and visibility phase.

Utilizing Grant Programs

It’s NOT about what you’d like to do. Nor is it about the money you want. It has all to do with knowing what is being funded, by whom, for whom and why.

Attendees walk away with; a wealth of knowledge, as well as applicable uses and funding for tailoring their projects to suit the American concern. Thereby gaining the information to position their business to qualify for funding to serve the funded needs currently being offered.

  • Utilizing Faith-Based Initiatives:  – crime, community, youth and elderly concerns.
  • PRIVATE SECTOR: Housing/weatherization and or rehabilitation grants.
  • SMALL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: Working with city, state and federal funding.
  • Funding The Arts: Funds for artists and community projects.
  • INTERNET RADIO: From podcasts to programming.
  • SOCIAL NETWORKING: Making a visible and viable impression.
  • I-MARKETING 101: Projecting, Producing and Profiting from a self based business.

Classes are on a first come, first serve basis, and seating is limited. Secure a space early. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive early registration information.



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